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    I wanted to say a few things about the Geek dinner this week as I was reminded why we do this geek dinner thing. About 18 geeks showed up and surprisingly we eat and talk more than we drink (I don’t think that makes Mr. Kim so happy). But we didn’t need much social lubricant — the conversation was pumping. There was at least one computer on the table with a geek showing off some code from his recent endeavors, folks were mingling about finding out who’s working on what, and getting the pulse of tech in Santa Cruz.

    We had announcements and heard about Erik Gilberg’s recent venture to Vegas to attend Microconf which sounded like an AMAZING conference about self-funded startups, Ron Hughes mentioned a nano-technology (or is it micro-nano? it sounded very small and very futuristic) project he’s going to be undertaking using K’Nex as a prototyping tool, Nick Stock raved about TechRaising and talked about how his team is continuing to build on their project (I Want a Ride), Darren Odden announced that Freelance Camp is coming back and he’s looking for volunteers. I announced an upcoming TechRaising meetup about startup funding and the upcoming What’s Next Lecture with Chris Guillebeau on his book the $100 Startup. Oh, and Igor was a no show, but Steve Terry filled us in on Igor’s latest adventures.

    There was one person I spoke with who has been on our list for over 3 years, but hadn’t been to a dinner (other than the one she *almost* attended a few years ago). She had a great time getting to know some of us and I think she’ll be back (right Chris?)  But I’m reminded that the reason we do the dinners is to forge those in person connections and meet our community offline. I love our online list and that has been the piece that continues to ebb and flow through the years. But I do want to encourage folks to get out and meet folks, gather offline to build our community. We are only doing the dinners quarterly, but there are so many other events and spaces to connect with other local geeks. So get out there and be part of the local tech scene. The water is so fine!

    Cheers, Margaret


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