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Daniel J Chamberlin

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What do you love most about Santa Cruz?

Santa Cruz is the most unique mixture of opposites that I have yet to come across. It combines waves and mountains, high-scale and low-brow, hippie and yuppie, down to earth and high-tech: cultures, beliefs, and ideals from all around, and yet there is something unified in peoples' approach here. Perfect for people like me who don't like to get bored!

Full Name

Daniel J Chamberlin

What makes you geeky?

My first computer was a Tandy with 2 floppy drives for swap-out and no hard drive. Since then I've experimented with just about every form of digital media tool and software package that's come out (oh yes I remember PS 1!). Now I'm interested in how the digital world interacts with the physical one, and how this big, expensive, electronic pencil (I'm talking about computers here) can be a facilitator of ideas instead of getting in the way of them.

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We have dinners and gather in spaces and places in Santa Cruz. We're creating a space for geeks to collaborate and innovate.

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