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What do you love most about Santa Cruz?

The attitude, the beaches, the redwoods, the farmer's markets and grocery stores, the endless hiking.

Full Name

Jason Wehmhoener

What makes you geeky?

I am a developer/designer with a firm grasp of how to implement a usable and delightful frontend. I've worked with companies that have anywhere from four to forty thousand employees, creating guidelines and tooling while educating designers and developers in the application of user centered design and web standards. I love to take photos. I love woodworking, as well as metal and glass, and I'm also beginning to dabble in electronics. I love to learn new skills.

Personal Tag Cloud

user experience, user centered, interaction design, web standards, ajax, browsers, javascript, performance, css, flash


We have dinners and gather in spaces and places in Santa Cruz. We're creating a space for geeks to collaborate and innovate.

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